Yayasan Wahana Indonesia Membangun with acronym WIN is a leading to develop people self-reliance in multi-sector community developments such as water and environmental health, community health, education, micro finance, and any other related sectors through improving people potentials and local managerial capacity. This is in order to get sustainable development.

WIN, though immature established, has a lot of experienced founders who have commonly more than 15 years working in the field of community development and study of that development. Most of their experience is in the sector of water supply and environmental health through an approach on empowering local community management and capacity. This similar approach is also used when they manage other community development sector projects.. 

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 Some partners, programs or projects ;

  • - CARE Indonesia
  • - World Vision / Wahana Visi Indonesia
  • - Program Percepatan Sanitasi Permukiman (PPSP)
  • - PT Aquatic Consultant
  • - WASPOLA - World Bank
  • - PCI (Project Concern International)
  • - PLAN Indonesia
  • - CSFWS (Community Self-finance for Water and Sanitation)
  • - CWSHP (Community Water Supply and Health Program)
  • - ESWS (Environmental Sanitation and Water Supply)
  • - EEMD (Environmental Education and Media Development)
  • - SSDP(Senior Secondary Development Project)
  • - CLEAN Urban (Coordinated Local Environmental Action Network)
  • - CSSP (Civil Society Strengthening Program-P3M Otda)
  • - KIP-MHT (Kampung Improvement Project-MHT) World Bank-Pemda DKI Jakarta
  • - CEMIS (Community Environment Management Information System) UN Habitat


WInDevelopment - Office Address:

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Tel:+6221-8378921 ; Mobile: 0812 108 2760 
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